"Snack Games: The games you can play without ruining your appetite".
'Snack Games: The games you can play without ruining your appetite'.
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How to Make a Casual Mobile Game - Designing Sounds and Music  Gamasutra

Sounds and music are one of the most important parts of the game atmosphere - as equally important as visuals. However, all sound works are postponed.

Review: Astro updates A40 and Mixamp Pro TR to keep up with gamers’ needs  The Mercury News

The Astro A40 and the Mixamp have endured the test of time. The iconic duo has been a staple of the esports scene since the early days of “Halo” tournaments, ...

WSOP review: Deyra wins another bracelet for Winamax; Paur wins online  CalvinAyre.com

Ivan Deyra becomes the second Winamax sponsored pro to wins another bracelet, and Taylor Paur wins his second bracelet after conquering a $500 online ...

This week’s PC game demos tested: A.N.N.E., MineRalph, and more  PC Invasion

This week, we tested a number of PC gamed demos, including A.N.N.E., MineRalph, Professor Lupo and his Horrible Pets, and Soulfire.

Epic Games Store: exclusives, early access, and how it could take on Steam  TechRadar

When the Epic Games Store was announced in December 2018, it seemed to come out of nowhere with big plans and bigger ambitions. Since then, it's made ...

Online Game Market 2019 Global Analysis, Opportunities And Forecast To 2024  EIN News

WiseGuyReports has added new market study to its database, titled “2019 Global and Regional Online Game Market Research Report Forecast 2025”.

Apex Legends review  TechRadar

Apex Legends is an engrossing, revamped take on battle royale that as it stands cannot be beat for its attention, detail and care.

Fortnite v9.40 will bring a new Storm Scout Sniper Rifle  Future Game Releases

It's me, your friendly banana which in the end will try to eliminate you. Before we jump to that segment, let's talk about how My Friend Pedro succeeds as.

SwitchArcade Round-Up: 'Mario Tennis Aces' Gets Final Character, 'Arcade Archives Clu Clu Land' and Today's Other New Releases, the Latest Sales, and More  Touch Arcade

Hello gentle readers, and welcome to the SwitchArcade Round-Up for July 1st, 2019. That's right, it's Canada Day. I'd like to say we have some great ...

Bleeding Edge hands-on and interview – Xbox's ambitious new fighter  Metro.co.uk

GameCentral plays the Xbox's newest exclusive and talks to its creator about DmC, punching people online, and being bought by Microsoft.

Review: My Friend Pedro on Switch  Nintendo Wire

Ever wondered if fruit could talk, what wisdom they'd impart? Apples would probably nag us to eat healthier, given their obsession with keeping doctors at bay.

Hands-on: The highs and lows of DOOM Eternal at E3 2019  GameCrate

DOOM Eternal looks and plays like it belongs in 2019, this ridiculously futuristic-sounding year in which we live. It's the kind of videogame that might have been ...

Watch the dark sci-fi trailer for Outriders, the new co-op shooter from the Bulletstorm studio  GamesRadar

The Bulletstorm studio's new co-op shooter Outriders finally got its official debut at the Square Enix E3 2019 stage. It's a one-to-three player online game set on a ...

Fallout 76's Battle Royale Mode Is An Odd One  Kotaku

It's become a joke at this point: If an online game is in trouble, the fastest way to turn it around is by adding a battle royale mode. It's funny because it's ...

Can you play Fallout 76 single player? And should you?  GamesRadar

Playing Fallout 76 single player is possible: here are all your questions about it answered.

Roller Champions Is a Free-to-Play Online Roller Derby Game - E3 2019 - IGN  IGN

Ubisoft has revealed Roller Champions - a new, free-to-play, online game that borrows heavily from roller derby - during its E3 2019 press conference.

Bethesda’s E3 2019 press conference: the biggest announcements  The Verge

While we didn't learn any more about Starfield or The Elder Scrolls VI — both of which were teased last year — Bethesda's E3 keynote still had some great ...

Best PC games 2019: The top FPS, RTS, MMO, MOBA, adventure and sports games to play in 2019  Expert Reviews

Don't know what PC game is worthy of your time? Here are the very best PC games you can play in 2019.

Driving a tank in ‘Hell Let Loose’ is the most fun I’ve ever had playing a first-person shooter  BGR

Games like PUBG and Fortnite have inspired a Battle Royale revolution in the past few years, with many players being instantly drawn to the concept. Whether ...

Feature: Best Nintendo Switch Online Multiplayer Games  Nintendo Life

The best online games available for Switch right now - Nintendo Switch is the perfect console for local multiplayer - simp...

Halo Veterans Announce Rocket Arena for PS4, a Cross-Platform Shooter With "Ridiculous Rockets"  Pure PlayStation

Final Strike Games, a studio made up of industry veterans, some of which worked on the Halo franchise, and Nexon America have announced Rocket Arena for ...

What’s it like to start Warframe in 2019?  Polygon

It's been a rough few months for big budget games-as-a-*service* shooters. Titles like Anthem, which promised an expansive world of looter shooter combat, ...

Review: Rage 2 is colorful, fun, and simplistic  GameCrate

Platforms: PC (Reviewed), PS4, Xbox One. Rage 2 reminds me a lot of the open-world sections of Mass Effect: Andromeda. Both games feature striking natural ...

How Rainbow Six Siege brings diversity to the military shooter  Eurogamer.net

If you're at all familiar with the Tom Clancy brand of military shooters and espionage games, a portion of the fandom around Rainbow Six Siege might surprise ...

There will soon be more PC gamers in China than the total population of the United States  PC Gamer

By 2023, there will be an estimated 354 million PC gamers playing online games in China—more than the entire population of the United States.

Fallout 76 Survival Mode: Tips and tricks  Windows Central

Bethesda released the beta version of Survival Mode for Fallout 76, and it came with a number of updates regarding playstyle, challenge, and rewards. The tips ...

30 Best PC Games to Play in 2019  Den of Geek US

The best PC games of 2019 reveal the changing nature of PC gaming and the gaming industry as a whole. The lines between platforms are becoming blurred.

SHiRO 011 Interview – One Shot, One Kill  GamingBolt

Multiplayer shooters have settled into a rhythm by now- we expect a certain few fundamentals to be present in every game of the ilk, and more often than not, ...

Rage 2 Dev On Rethinking The id Shooter And Making An Evolving Single-Player Game  GameSpot

id Software studio director Tim Willits breaks down what makes Rage 2 so different from the original, and how they're going into uncharted territory with their first ...

Dawn Of Survivors Is An Intriguing Online-Based Zombie Survival Switch Game, And It's Only $2  Nintendo Life

Releasing in just two days' time on Nintendo Switch is Dawn of Survivors, an online-based zombie survival game that could turn out to be something of a steal ...

The Division 2 is a game with a vision and plenty of staying power - PS4 Review  Express

THE Division 2 has proven itself worth the grind, with Ubisoft revealing a shooter that works from day one and has the staying power a looter shooter demands.

All Call of Duty games, ranked from best to worst  Digital Trends

The Call of Duty series has been around for more than 15 years, and there have been several stellar games, as well as some not-so-stellar games. These are ...

How BioWare's Anthem Went Wrong  Kotaku

It wasn't even supposed to be called Anthem. Just days before the annual E3 convention in June of 2017, when the storied studio BioWare would reveal its ...

Valve Index VR headset preorders start May 1. Look out PlayStation, Oculus  CNET

As if there weren't enough virtual headsets out there, the game maker Valve is throwing a hat into the ring.

Critical Consensus: Tom Clancy's The Division 2  GamesIndustry.biz

Critics lament the lack of political heft in its story, but The Division 2 gets much right that BioWare's Anthem got wrong.

Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 review: Latest online game sets new bar  NEWS.com.au

If you hadn't already gathered by now, I rather enjoy the post-apocalyptic genre of fiction. From games such as Fallout and Metro: 2033, movies such as Mad ...

Anthem launch was 'rougher than expected,' admits BioWare  PC Gamer

After a pretty rough month, BioWare GM Casey Hudson has written an Anthem post-launch update, acknowledging some of the shooter's issues but putting on a ...

Video Game Review: ‘The Division 2’  Variety

The Division 2” represents the hyper-blandness of Tucker Carlson, a generic white guy spouting about how everyone hates you, making things great for ...

The Division 2 Review  Gadgets 360

The Division 2 for Windows PC, PS4 and Xbox One is out this week. Is it any good? We tell you in our The Division 2 review.

The Division 2 review in progress: A solid start in Ubisoft's ravaged Washington DC  The Telegraph

One of the things that has surprised me during my first hours in The Division 2's ravaged Washington DC, is just how thoroughly competent it all is.

NBA 2K19 is Unbearable and Here's Why  KeenGamer News

NBA 2K19 is the best basketball game out there, which honestly says a lot about NBA Live 19. While the game definitely shows signs of improvements from its ...

RICO Review (Switch)  Nintendo Life

'Kick doors, kill men.' These four seemingly simple words, which appear on-screen while you patiently wait for one of RICO's procedurally generated levels to ...

How to Make a Browser-Based Multiplayer Online Game  http://mp1st.com/category/news

For beginner game developers, creating browser-based games can be a great way to get your foot into the game industry, and offer a potentially lucrative hobby.

Days Gone: PS4 release date, demo details, early review round-up and everything about new zombie blockbuster  iNews

Days Gone pits you against hordes of zombie-like 'Freakers' in a post-apocalyptic America. Here's everything we know about the game.

Online game Convallaria announced for PS4  Gematsu

Sony Interactive Entertainment Shanghai and Loong Force, which is composed of staff with credits at major game companies, have announced Convallaria, ...

Video Game Review: ‘Devil May Cry 5’  Variety

In the title sequence of “Devil May Cry 5,” robot-armed demon slayer Nero flies out the window of a large, airborne van to meet and cut down a small swarm of ...

Video Game Review: ‘Anthem’  Variety

According to recent studies by Upwork and Freelancers Union, more than a third of the U.S. workforce is comprised of freelancers, and those numbers have ...

Red Dead Online update falls short of fixing griefing and economy woes  Eurogamer.net

The Red Dead Online beta is still trundling on, and with it the continued complaints about griefing, the in-game economy, microtransactions and lack of *content*.

Devil Engine Review (Switch eShop)  Nintendo Life

Long before 'bullet hell' shooters became the flavour of the month, Technosoft's Thunder Force series took an almost perverse delight in humiliating players who ...

Review: Anthem  Destructoid

This is the Anthem throw all your hands up. Okay, maybe just one and a half.

What does Apex Legends’ success mean for Anthem?  Polygon

EA just dropped a huge game, Respawn's Apex Legends, days before a brand-new game from BioWare. What impact will Apex Legends have on Anthem (and ...

From Columbine to Parkland: how we got the story wrong on mass shootings  The Guardian

After Columbine, Dave Cullen swore he would never write about a mass shooting again. But over the next 20 years, he realised that he and other journalists had ...

Honor View 20 review  Stuff

The Honor View 20 claims a whole bunch of “firsts”. It's the first phone we've used with a punch hole display, the first to have one of Sony's fancy new ...

Anthem: hands-on with 2019's first big video game  The Guardian

Forthcoming multiplayer sci-fi shooter Anthem represents a puzzling change of pace for its developer, BioWare. But when you play, it starts to make sense …

CW ‘Madden NFL’ Special Chronicles First Tourney Following Fatal Shootings  Variety

Madden NFL football makes its return to broadcast television Tuesday with the premiere of the "EA Sports Madden NFL 19 Classic," a chronicle of the first ...

Top 5 Games Like PUBG Mobile For Android And IOS: Rules of Survival, Free Fire And More  News18

There are different mobile games that seem to run with the same format as PUBG, here are some of the mobile alternatives that you can try out comfortably.

Brawl Stars review: Good now, great in a few months  Android Authority

A year and a half after soft launching, Supercell's latest action-packed title Brawl Stars has been released globally, but is it worth your time? Find out in our Brawl ...

Trump School Safety Group Calls For Video Game Ratings Groups to Review, Improve Policies  Variety

The Entertainment Software Ratings Board, and other self-regulatory entertainment ratings boards, should review and improve their policies to "ensure access to ...

PUBG Mobile: This is the trick pros use to play the game  BGR India

PUBG Mobile is the game to play right now, and in a recent story we got to know from a study just how much popular this game has become over the years.

Review: Just Cause 4 is amusing but not engaging or exciting  GameCrate

Platform: PlayStation 4 (reviewed), Xbox One, PC. In Just Cause 4, you get a grappling hook. It's a pretty cool grappling hook. Also, a parachute and a wingsuit.

The 9 Biggest Problems With 'Red Dead Online' [Updated]  Forbes

Here are the seven biggest problems and shortcomings with 'Red Dead Online.'

Rocket Blasters Review - Notebook Doodles Come Alive!  The Indie Toaster

Rocket Blasters isn't a complicated game, but what developer Schmidt Workshops delivers is a cute aesthetic wrapped in a tried and true, shoot-em-up.

What's the deal with Red Dead Redemption 2's microtransactions?  Eurogamer.net

Red Dead Online, the multiplayer accompaniment to Red Dead Redemption 2, is finally live, and - surprise! - it's a lot like Grand Theft Auto Online. Which means ...

Battlefield V Review: A Surprisingly Bland Entry For The Popular FPS Franchise  Daily Star

BATTLEFIELD V is easily one of the best-looking games of 2018, but a lack of exciting new ideas and missing *content* leaves Battlefield V struggling in a genre ...

Battlefield 5 review - DICE's most entertaining shooter in years is also its most compromised  Eurogamer.net

A strong if slim shooter that lays down strong foundations for the future, while feeling a little unfinished. Battlefield 5 is a mess. It's the glitchiest, most technically ...

Fallout 76 review - a bizarre, boring, broken mess  Eurogamer.net

Bethesda's attempt at Fallout multiplayer is, like so many of the series' vaults, a failed experiment. Fallout 76 strips away most of the things I love about ...

The new 'Fallout' game is a boring mess that you shouldn't play — here's why  Business Insider

I want to like the new "Fallout" game, but I can't. I want to tell you about all the environmental storytelling and quiet exploration, but so much of that is marred by a ...

Fallout 76 review – a pointless walk in the post-apocalypse  The Guardian

PlayStation 4 (version played), Xbox One, PC; Bethesda Half-baked conflict and witless quests to unearth the dead – this soulless sequel is perfect if you enjoy ...

Review in Progress: Fallout 76  Destructoid

Fallout 76 has a haunting isolation about it. There are no non-playable characters in this game. There are no dialogue choices to make. There's no right or ...

Live-Action ‘Borderlands 2 VR’ Video Features Super-Atomic-Phaselock Wedgie  Variety

Last month, developer Gearbox announced it was bringing its popular loot shooter "Borderlands 2" to PlayStation VR.

Overkill's The Walking Dead review - a limp Left 4 Dead-a-like  Eurogamer.net

There are flashes of promise in this first-person shooter, but this is a mostly uninspired, unpolished waste of an opportunity. It was the environmental storytelling ...

Battlefield 1 players stop shooting each other to commemorate Armistice Day  Eurogamer.net

In commemoration of the end of World War I, Battlefield 1 players stopped shooting each other on the 11th hour on Armistice Day. "This is the 100 Year ...

Review: Hitman 2 refines its complex level design  GameCrate

Platforms: PC (reviewed), PlayStation 4, Xbox One. With every new Hitman game, I'm reminded of the fact that being a professional assassin is harder than it ...

NBA 2K Playgrounds 2 Review – TheSixthAxis  TheSixthAxis

NBA Playgrounds was easily some of the most fun basketball gaming in recent years, since the old days of NBA Jam. Despite a rough launch, its light-hearted ...

The best online games you can play right now  Expert Reviews

Cure your boredom with our pick of the very best free online browser-based games.

'Call Of Duty: Black Ops 4' Review: The Good, The Bad And The Blackout  Forbes

This is the first time I've written a review of a Call of Duty game where I didn't have to either avoid spoilers or put in spoiler warnings. After all, this year Black Ops ...

Review: Call of Cthulhu offers a methodical Lovecraftian mystery  GameCrate

Platforms: PS4 (reviewed), XBOX One, PC. The works of H.P. Lovecraft have been adapted with varying degrees of success in a number of video games over ...

The 25 best online games to play right now with your friends (or foes)  GamesRadar

Once upon a time, playing games with friends meant having them over to visit. And while we can't deny the appeal of couch co-op, it's just not feasible for ...

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 -- Multiplayer - Review - Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 - Multiplayer Review  IGN India

Black Ops 4 multiplayer has a great arsenal and versatile Specialists, but is held back by bugs and issues with launch maps.

'Call Of Duty: Black Ops 4' Players Up In Arms Over Server Downgrade [Update]  Forbes

The Black Ops 4 community is up in arms as revelations of a server downgrade surface.

Stay alive, and if it moves, shoot it  MercatorNet

A review of one year of phenomenal success of Fortnite, a multi-player online game.

FIFA 19 Switch Review  IGN

A minor facelift is not enough to save FIFA 19 from being an underwhelming experience on the Switch.

FIFA 19 review - challenging on the pitch, rewarding off it  Metro

EA's impossibly popular series rethinks the casual game of football, whilst adding never-before-seen layers of depth on and off the pitch.

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds - Review - Chicken in a box.  IGN India

You and millions of others around the world already know how it goes: in PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (AKA PUBG) up to 100 players skydive down to one of ...

Broforce (Switch) Review  TrustedReviews

Broforce is a daft, fun and frantic side-scrolling shooter that pays loving homage to classic films. Although, the over-the-top humour isn't for everyone.

Firewall: Zero Hour Review – TheSixthAxis  TheSixthAxis

Several shooters have proven their worth on PlayStation VR, but outside of the abysmal Bravo Team gamers have been eagerly awaiting a proper tactical ...

Firewall Zero Hour (PSVR) REVIEW - The Best VR Shooter Available  Cultured Vultures

Firewall Zero Hour from First Contact is a PSVR game so good that it may convert even the most stubborn of VR haters.

EA Launches Safety Review in Wake of Jacksonville Shooting  Variety

Electronic Arts is running a “comprehensive review of safety protocols for competitors and spectators” following the shooting in Jacksonville on Sunday that left ...

The best iPhone VR games 2018: immersive experiences for iOS  TechRadar

Fed up with VR rollercoasters? Bring on the space monsters!

Fallout 76: Everything you need to know about the multiplayer apocalypse  CNET

War. War never changes -- at least it didn't until Bethesda decided to give its post-apocalyptic RPG a multiplayer makeover. That's right -- Fallout 76 will be here ...

7 Things Parents Need to Know About Fortnite  Tom's Guide

Is your kid addicted to Fortnite? Here are the biggest things parents need to know for kids to safely enjoy Epic's massively popular online battle royale.

Steam, After Pulling School Shooter Game, Says It Will Sell Nearly Everything  The New York Times

The online store Steam has announced its intention to open the floodgates to all types of *content* unless it's “illegal, or straight-up trolling.”

Active Shooter Game Is Pulled After Angering Parkland Parents  The New York Times

The online game unfolds from the point of view of an attacker, aiming a weapon down a school corridor or throwing a grenade into an auditorium. The character ...

Mobile casual game Woka Woka takes marble shooters to the next level  DroidGamers

The thing we really love about mobile gaming is the way it takes existing genres and supercharges their evolution, injecting new ideas and rapidly improving on ...

What parents need to know about Fortnite  Pocket-lint.com

If you've not heard of Fortnite you likely don't have children of-a-certain-age.It's the latest super popular shooting game for kids that is drawing.

The Real Problem With Video Games  New York Times

It's not the violent *content*. It's the toxic culture.

What is Roblox and will my child be safe playing it?  Metro

If your child was once addicted to Minecraft but has now outgrown the game, chances are they have made their way on to Roblox. The game claims to be the...

How much are your online game accounts worth? - Reader’s Feature  Metro

A reader reveals how you could make £100s from selling your account in games like Pokémon GO and League Of Legends. Do you play online games regularly ...

Splatoon is an online shooter for people who hate online shooters  The Verge

Nintendo plays it safe too often. The company has become known almost exclusively for a small list of franchises. When you buy a new piece of Nintendo ...