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'Snack Games: The games you can play without ruining your appetite'.
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Gaming news & reviews - dress-up
Accepting - Flash game - Fruitinator  News Hour India

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Shreveport - So hot slots online  News Hour India

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Final Fantasy XIV Shadowbringers Log Three: All Pros, No Cons  Kotaku

It's ridiculous. Every time I log in to work my way through Final Fantasy XIV's latest expansion, I find more things to gush over. Rather than spam my Twitter ...

Review: My Friend Pedro on Switch  Nintendo Wire

Ever wondered if fruit could talk, what wisdom they'd impart? Apples would probably nag us to eat healthier, given their obsession with keeping doctors at bay.

Best amiibo For Nintendo Switch - Guide  Nintendo Life

Fab-looking figures that give the best bang for your buck - So, you've got yourself or a family member a...

‘The Outer Worlds’ Is a Corporatist Hell Ruled by Choice and Consequence  Variety

If you're an avid RPG player who spends any amount of time with the upcoming “Outer Worlds,” it won't take you long to identify the minds behind it.

Barlow’s ‘Telling Lies’ Represents a Generational Leap From ‘Her Story’  Variety

You could certainly advance the argument that Sam Barlow single-handedly reinvented the long-derided “FMV game” genre with “Her Story,” a cinematic ...

Games Inbox: Have you tried to go back to Fallout 76?  Metro.co.uk

The morning Inbox is concerned a lack of sequels could stifle innovation, as one reader is worried about Shenmue III's budget. To join in with the discussions ...

The Struggles of Rejecting the Gender Binary  The New York Times

Not everyone identifies as male or female. This is what it's like to be nonbinary in a world that wants to box you in.

‘Artifact’ Dev Reflects That Revenue Model Might Have Been Game’s Downfall  Variety

The revenue model is one of the reasons "Artifact" couldn't find its audience, according to Richard Garfield, in an interview with Win.gg.

Fallout 76 Was Never Going to Get Rave Reviews Says Bethesda Boss, Prompting Another Backlash  Push Square

A rather interesting interview with Bethesda boss Todd Howard has surfaced on IGN. The industry veteran talks about the disaster that was and still is Fallout 76 ...

Cat’s entertainment! Gato Roboto and Little Friends: Dogs & Cats launch on Switch  Games Asylum

In absence of a new Nintendogs for Switch, long-running Japanese developer Imagineer has stepped in to offer an alternative. Little Friends: Dogs & Cats allows ...

Sword Art Online: Alicization Lycoris Will See it's Sexual Content Reduced to Fit "Current Times"  Bounding Into Comics

A new report indicates the upcoming Bandai Namco Sword Art Online video game, Sword Art Online: Alicization Lycoris, will likely have its sexual *content* ...

Stack Up uses video games to connect veterans with each other and support their mental health  GeekWire

Many veterans struggle with mental health issues. While there are lots of organizations designed to help vets, Stack Up is a little different. It helps soldiers ...

Ghost Recon Breakpoint Gameplay: Ubisoft reveal social hub details for up to 16 players - Daily Star  Daily Star

Finding fellow Ghosts to squad up with will be much easier in Ubisoft's open world sequel.

200 pairs, nothing to wear: the fascinating world of sneaker worship  Sydney Morning Herald

At one point in his sneaker collecting "career", DJ Jerome Salele'a owned 400 pairs. These days, the 34-year-old has considerably fewer – he keeps about 50 at ...

Forza Horizon 4 review: racing great rolls gingerly into new era  Eurogamer.net

Another sumptuous and endlessly entertaining automotive playground, but its shift into 'shared-world' gaming is only a partial success.

Watch the ‘Super Mario Maker 2’ Nintendo Direct Here  Variety

The game is expected to release sometime this summer on the Nintendo Switch console.

Nintendo Keeping Expectations for China Expansion Realistic  Variety

Nintendo is collaborating with Tencent to bring its Switch console to China, but the company is keeping its expectations for expansion into China reasonable, ...

Pokémon: Detective Pikachu Review - Catches All the Fun and Spirit of the Franchise  LRM Online

Pokémon: Detective Pikachu is the story of Tim Goodman (Justice Smith), a young adult who receives news that his estranged father is presumed deceased.

Dead to Me Recap: Fast and Furious  Vulture

As Judy attempts to exorcise the demons from Jen's house, Jen gets a telling glimpse into her friend's old life. A recap of “Maybe I'm Crazy,” episode two of ...

Rocket League Developer Psyonix Acquired by Epic Games  Push Square

Epic Games, the company behind the Unreal Engine and, of course, Fortnite, is set to acquire Rocket League studio Psyonix. The developer has announced the ...

Jesse May Looks Back on Premier League Poker Season IV (Part Two)  PokerNews.com

Premier League Poker commentator Jesse May recalls the excitement of Season IV, which captured epic clashes between Luke Schwartz and David ...

How to Bounce Back From Rejection  The New York Times

In the publish-or-perish world of academia, having an article rejected can feel like a stab wound. At the beginning of graduate school, I knew that if I wanted to ...

Game Informer Australia Shuts Down  Variety

The American version of Game Informer will now be sold in Australian EB Games stores instead.

Yes, You Can Finally Change Your PSN ID — But Read This First  Variety

The long awaited ability to change a PlayStation Network ID is here, but there are some caveats to its functionality, Sony announced on its PlayStation Blog on ...

Roblox Reaches 90 Million Monthly Active Users  Variety

Players and creators reportedly spend more than one billion hours each month in-game.

News: Massive Hearthstone Changes To Shake Up The Metagame  Redbrick

James Law goes through the Hearthstone changes in the 'Year of the Dragon'. A host of changes hold along with a new expansion.

‘Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey’ Is All About Curiosity  Variety

Panache Digital Games revealed more details about their upcoming title in a new video.

Apex Legends review: two months with Fortnite’s biggest competitor  The Verge

When Apex Legends surprise launched in early February, it took the gaming community by storm and instantly catapulted to the front of the battle royale pack.

How ‘Hypnospace Outlaw’s’ Fake Internet Reveals the Flaws in Our Own  Variety

Jay Tholen's “Hypnospace Outlaw” recalls the millennial malaise of late 1999, when the flashing banner ads stretched from here to the horizon, and you had to ...

Critical Consensus: Tom Clancy's The Division 2  GamesIndustry.biz

Critics lament the lack of political heft in its story, but The Division 2 gets much right that BioWare's Anthem got wrong.

Generation Zero Review – When You Don’t Have Anything, You Don’t Have Anything to Lose (PS4)  PlayStation LifeStyle

Generation Zero brings the open world sandbox formula to PS4. Find out how it goes in this Generation Zero PS4 Review.

‘Speaking Simulator’ and the Fine Art of Talking  Variety

Most of us rarely consider just how difficult it would be to learn how to speak from scratch. But that's the mission of one very odd upcoming game.

Game Industry Has Mixed Reactions to Google Stadia  Variety

Google's new game streaming platform Stadia made its debut at GDC. Although still missing some intangible details (namely, pricing or a launch date), ...

‘God of War’ Named Game Developer Choice Awards Game of the Year  Variety

In an award show packed with indie game winners, Sony Santa Monica's "God of War" still managed to snatch the Game Developers Choice Awards game of ...

The Division 2 Review  Gadgets 360

The Division 2 for Windows PC, PS4 and Xbox One is out this week. Is it any good? We tell you in our The Division 2 review.

Koei Tecmo Launches Free-to-Play Version of ‘Dead or Alive 6’  Variety

Publisher Koei Tecmo America and developer Team Ninja are launching a free-to-play version of their fighting game “Dead or Alive 6,” they announced on ...

‘Costume Quest’: From Halloween Game to Amazon Prime Show (EXCLUSIVE)  Variety

Costume Quest” is a bite-sized adventure that can be completed in a few hours, but its legacy lives on through a sequel, comic book, and now, an Amazon Prime ...

Video Game Review: ‘Devil May Cry 5’  Variety

In the title sequence of “Devil May Cry 5,” robot-armed demon slayer Nero flies out the window of a large, airborne van to meet and cut down a small swarm of ...

Latest From ‘Exploding Kittens’ Creators Tosses Burritos, Players Into Mix  Variety

"Throw Throw Burrito," the latest creation from the team behind massively popular tabletop game "Exploding Kittens" is a little bit Uno, a little bit dodge ball.

Inside ‘The Division 2’s’ End Game  Variety

Terry Spier, creative director at developer Red Storm Entertainment, calls it an “end game first philosophy.” The teams working on the next big open-world Tom ...

Apps parents should watch out for in 2019  Salon

It's a new year, and that means new apps on your tweens' and teens' phones. While the old standbys like Snapchat and Instagram are still going strong, there's ...

Nintendo Download: 31st January (North America)  Nintendo Life

The latest Nintendo Download update for North America has arrived, and it's bringing new games galore to the eShop in your region. As always, be sure to drop ...

PUBG teases secret cave on Vikendi map in new video  BGR India

PUBG has been doing its side of things to keep the game interesting for the fickle minded gamers. And the newest addition comes as part of the recently ...

Hidden cave in PUBG: Loot locations in Vikendi revealed  Times of India

According to a video teased by PUBG Corp on YouTube, there is a hidden loot location in the Vikendi map.

Apps you've never heard of that your teen is already using  CNN

Check out these app titles so you have a sense of what your kid -- or your kid's friends -- may be using and what you need to know about each app.

Nintendo Download: 24th January (Europe)  Nintendo Life

The latest Nintendo Download update for Europe has arrived, and it's bringing new games galore to the eShop in your region. As always, be sure to drop a vote ...

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice will boast a more open-ended world compared to the Souls series  PC Gamer

One of the many bitter pleasures of the original Dark Souls is the ability to traipse right into late game areas from the get go. The series has always been pretty ...

The Best Video Games of 2018  Variety

Somehow, video games got bigger in 2018. It was a year of open worlds that taxed the limits of what is possible (or at least reasonable) for game-makers to ...

Xbox year in review 2018: Microsoft reveals how many hours and games you played this year - Daily Star  Daily Star

After the success of last week's My PS4 Life initiative from Sony, Microsoft has activated its own version of the stat-sharing trend with Xbox Year in Review.

China's crackdown on video game addiction sparks global debate over censorship  Telegraph.co.uk

With hundreds of millions of people glued to their screens from Beijing to Bristol, around the world the video gaming industry continues to surge in popularity.

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas in Overwatch, Destiny 2 and Heroes Of The Storm  Rock Paper Shotgun

They must have been shipping eggnog, mistletoe, tinsel and other festive goodies to the Blizzard store in bulk, as they're kicking off seasonal events in multiple ...

Fallout 76 Review: Good news and bad for Bethesda’s perfect storm  Express

FALLOUT 76 appears to fall short in many of its core missions, providing a lacklustre multiplayer debut for the series. The good news is that it doesn't have to ...

Rockstar News: Red Dead 2 Online Surprise Update, GTA Online & Red Dead Redemption 2 Boost - Daily Star  Daily Star

ROCKSTAR NEWS ROUND-UP - Here's a quick overview for some big updates for both Red Dead Redemption 2 and Grand Theft Auto Online.

Two weeks in, Fallout 76 is a lonely, glitchy, flawed mess  Ars Technica

The online-only post-apocalypse has great moments overshadowed by an empty world.

Bethesda Under Investigation for Inconsistent ‘Fallout 76’ Refunds  Variety

Bethesda is under the scrutiny of consumers and law firm Migliaccio & Rathod for its "Fallout 76" refund policy, GamesIndustry.biz reported.

Starbreeze Studio in Recovery After Low ‘Overkill’s The Walking Dead’ Sales  Variety

"Overkill's The Walking Dead" did not live up to Starbreeze Studios' expectations, according to an update from the company released Friday.

Fallout 76 Review - A Total Waste(Land)  TechRaptor

There's always that giddy feeling when you jump into a new Fallout game. The introduction is usually one of the most exciting parts. Seeing life in a normal vault ...

Fallout 76 bug grants player permanent god mode - and now they're begging for death  Eurogamer.net

Normally, video game god mode is a load of fun. Impervious to harm, you run around the game world swatting away enemies who'd normally give you trouble as ...

Video Game Review: ‘Fallout 76’  Variety

Stripped of the series' trademark color and hi-jinx, "Fallout 76" turns into a heartless trek through a barren wasteland.

Video Game Review: ‘Pokemon Let’s Go Eevee’  Variety

Pokemon, Let's Go Eevee” has so much heart behind the little details.

Battlefield 5 review - DICE's most entertaining shooter in years is also its most compromised  Eurogamer.net

A strong if slim shooter that lays down strong foundations for the future, while feeling a little unfinished. Battlefield 5 is a mess. It's the glitchiest, most technically ...

Fallout 76 review - a bizarre, boring, broken mess  Eurogamer.net

Bethesda's attempt at Fallout multiplayer is, like so many of the series' vaults, a failed experiment. Fallout 76 strips away most of the things I love about ...

Live-Action ‘Borderlands 2 VR’ Video Features Super-Atomic-Phaselock Wedgie  Variety

Last month, developer Gearbox announced it was bringing its popular loot shooter "Borderlands 2" to PlayStation VR.

Fallout 76 Guide – How to Redeem the TriCentennial DLC Items  Just Push Start

In Fallout 76, players have an opportunity to purchase an upgrade from its usual standard edition where they can go to a higher tier which is the TriCentennial ...

'Ralph Breaks the Internet' Review  Vulture

The “Wreck-It Ralph” sequel throws its unstable protagonist into the internet — and late capitalism.

Y.A. Novels That Explore Love in Many Forms  The New York Times

A cross-cultural romance, a love triangle, a fake relationship and a girl in search of her birth mom in the latest realistic Y.A. fiction.

Video Game Review: ‘Tetris Effect’  Variety

"Tetris Effect" is the classic puzzler reborn, with lush soundscapes, trippy visuals, and an abundance of heart.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 now has microtransactions - and they're not going down well  Eurogamer.net

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 now has microtransactions - and they're not going down well. We knew microtransactions were coming to Treyarch's shooter, but we ...

Video Game Review: ‘For Honor: Marching Fire’  Variety

“For Honor's” Marching Fire release is the best thing to happen to the history-remixing melee brawl ever since it first released back in February of last year.

ROG Phone Review: So Good It Feels Like You’re Cheating  Variety

The ROG Phone shows a mastery of basic functionality for a smartphone and also delivers some genuinely surprising and useful gaming tech.

Video Game Review: ‘SoulCalibur VI’  Variety

In many ways “SoulCalibur VI” is the same old “SoulCalibur.” Nothing will replace the original, but “VI” iterates on the combat formula in smart ways and Libra of ...

Video Game Review: ‘Call of Duty: Black Ops IV’  Variety

While it lacks the reinvent of some of its predecessors, "Black Ops IV" is dutifully crafted and meticulously polished.

SuperParent's Video Game Halloween Costume Guide  SuperParent

From parents to kiddos, the whole family can become their favorite video game characters this Halloween. Gamers need gamer-themed Halloween costumes, ...

‘Candy Crush Friends Saga’: Biggest Game From King in Four Years  Variety

King CEO Riccardo Zacconi discusses the creation of Candy Crush Friends Saga.

Star Trek: Discovery's Mary Wiseman On Tilly, Short Treks, and Food Fights  Den of Geek US

Sylvia Tilly (Mary Wiseman) is one of Star Trek: Discovery's most likeable and relatable characters, which is why it's no surprise that Tilly is the focus of the ...

Nintendo unveils Switch Online service and (finally) a new Animal Crossing game for Switch  GeekWire

Last week, Nintendo's corporate headquarters in Japan was damaged by Typhoon Jebi, which knocked the N off the Nintendo sign on the outside of the building ...

Scum updates add anticheat and bug fixes, server lag still being worked on  PC Gamer

Survival game Scum is proving a hit in its first week of Early Access, drawing more than 60000 concurrent players over the weekend. We've been playing too, ...

Video Game Review: ‘Marvel’s Spider-Man’  Variety

Insomniac's “Spider-Man” doesn't take many risks, but it's still one of the most spectacular games of its kind.

North Korea Sees Rise in Popularity for Foreign Video Games  Variety

The Korea Times reports that video games are picking up steam in North Korea, according to those who have since left the country.

'Game over' in China as Beijing halts approvals of video game licenses  The Japan Times

China's regulators have frozen approvals of game licenses amid a government shake-up, according to people familiar with the matter, throwing the world's bi.

Valve's forgotten game: Team Fortress 2's shocking toxicity problem  Eurogamer.net

Despite being released over 10 years ago, Team Fortress 2 still boasts one of the biggest player bases on Steam. Today, the number of players peaked at ...

Vampire: The Masquerade maker responds to accusations it caters to neo-Nazi groups  Polygon

White Wolf Publishing, the company behind Vampire: The Masquerade, a classic tabletop role-playing game, is caught up in an explosive controversy. A story ...

Girl's Roblox avatar is 'gang raped' by other players  Daily Mail

Disturbing screenshots shared on Facebook by North Carolina mom Amber Petersen show two male characters attacking the avatar before a third, female ...

Inside twisted Doki Doki Literature Club game which parents say caused ‘suicide’ of their children – and it’s  The Sun

A HEARTBROKEN mum has become the latest parent to claim a computer game caused the suicide of her child. Doki Doki Literature Club, which in its trailer ...

Men's summer work wear: stay cool and stylish in the hot weather  T3

T3's guide on what to wear at work during the summer months.

Destiny maker Bungie raises $100M from China’s NetEase to build new games  GeekWire

Bungie has reeled in a $100 million investment from Chinese gaming publisher NetEase, a key partnership that gives the company an opportunity to develop ...

Fallout 76 REVEALED: Bethesda unveils new game, and it's NOT Fallout 5 or New Vegas 2  Express

FALLOUT fans had been left wondering whether Fallout 5 or New Vegas 2 would get revealed - instead it's a new project called Fallout 76.

The Adventure Pals Review: A Jolly Hotdog-Themed Adventure  GameSpew

The Adventure Pals, a platform game with RPG elements from developer Massive Monster, is inexorably cute. Like, super cute.

Game review: Sea Of Thieves is the ultimate pirate sim... for a while  Metro

Legendary developer Rare attempt to create the perfect pirate sim, but is their online game entirely seaworthy?

Review: Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet (PS4)  Push Square

Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet trades in swords, axes, and spears for assault rifles, rocket launchers, and shotguns. Gone is the fantasy setting of previous Sword ...

Warning to parents about the popular children's online game Roblox  Stoke Sentinel

The app - called Roblox - is a popular multiplayer game that allows users to design their own games and play different games.

The reality behind the theory of killer game ‘Blue Whale’  Times of India

A new online challenge going by the name of blue whale is picking the crowd slowly. Get to know everything about the world famous "Blue Whale Game".

Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus review: No other game could pull this off  PCWorld

Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus deftly blends social commentary with riding robo-dogs through Nazi-occupied streets.

This year's most anticipated game, 'Destiny 2,' is both brilliant and terrible  Business Insider

"Destiny 2" is one of this year's most anticipated blockbuster games, and it's finally available on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The game launched on September ...

Tacoma review: Telling a tale of the future  PCWorld

Fullbright's Tacoma is a space yarn full of space yawns.

The 10 best PC games of 2016  PCWorld

This is it. 2016 is over, and it's time for us to take a long look back—all the way back to January, through 12 months of games. One will be crowned our “Game of ...

The Turing Test Review  TrustedReviews

The Turing Test review – Bulkhead Interactive has managed to produce a very capable puzzler that will know doubt scratch the itch of fans of the genre.

Dress Up In Persona 4's Love  Wired News

Wanna look like a cool Japanese kid who goes to school by day and fights monsters at night? That's just what licensed game goods manufacturer Cospa lets ...