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'Snack Games: The games you can play without ruining your appetite'.
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Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi Had the Best Gender Reveal Party of All Time  Cosmopolitan.com

Jersey Shore's Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi is having a baby, y'all! And she, like many other parents, decided to throw a huge gender reveal party, but hers was so ...

20 Most Disappointing Games Ever Made  Den of Geek US

From Fallout 76 to Perfect Dark Zero, these are the games that broke our hearts.

Earth Defense Force 5 Review  Gadgets 360

Earth Defense Force 5 for the PS4 has more bugs than every game in this generation put together and that's not a bad thing.

'Artifact' Isn't a Game on Steam, It's Steam in a Game  VICE

Proxies don't exist in Artifact. That's the point. If you've ever been involved in competitive Magic: The Gathering, there's a decent chance you've encountered ...

Moneygram International (MGI) vs. The9 (NCTY) Financial Review  Fairfield Current

Moneygram International (NASDAQ:MGI) and The9 (NASDAQ:NCTY) are both small-cap finance companies, but which is the better stock? We will compare the ...

Assigning a Value to Teamwork  Scientific American

On this episode of our podcast My Favorite Theorem, my cohost Kevin Knudson and had the pleasure of talking with Anil Venkatesh, a mathematician at Ferris ...

Review of ChessBase 15  Chessbase News

"I usually review mainly books but I want to say a few words about CB 15", writes CARL PORTMAN, author of the book Chess Behind Bars, as he begins his ...

RollerCoaster Tycoon Adventures review for Nintendo Switch  NintendoEnthusiast

RollerCoaster Tycoon Adventures on Switch feels like a very safe entry. It lightly expands on the mobile experience, offering an overall casual approach.

Fortnite and PUBG reportedly banned in China  Digit

China's Online Gaming Ethics Review Committee has reviewed 20 games for containing "ethics risks". 9 of these games have been banned including Fortnite ...

Financial Review: Alphabet (GOOGL) & HUYA (HUYA)  Modern Readers

Alphabet (NASDAQ:GOOGL) and HUYA (NYSE:HUYA) are both computer and technology companies, but which is the superior stock? We will contrast the two ...

Fans 'fall out' after Bethesda burns: A review of 'Fallout 76' and more of Bethesda's shortcomings  The Buccaneer

By Sarah Baker Unfortunately, it isn't uncommon for production companies to translate fans into simple metrics of income; a gross level of disrespect for those.

OGEC policies could disrupt China's game market well into 2019  GameDaily.biz

On top of making sure new games meet China's ambiguous ethical standards, the newly formed committee is also reviewing titles that already launched.

Online play in Smash Bros. Ultimate is a bit of a mess  VG247

Nintendo's online *service* might be cheaper than its rivals, but its first major online release is a swing and a miss when it comes to quality online play.

FAN Courier and Marks present Curier in Actiune, the movie  Business Review

From the creators of the movies Greu de Livrat (Hard to Delivered), Curieri de Sacrificiu (Sacrifice Couriers) and Livrare: Imposibila (Delivery:

Fallout 76 – PC Game Review  VGR.com

In-depth review of Fallout 76, a 2018 multiplayer open world RPG by Bethesda Game Studios, published by Bethesda Softworks.

Fallout 76 Review: Good news and bad for Bethesda’s perfect storm  Express

FALLOUT 76 appears to fall short in many of its core missions, providing a lacklustre multiplayer debut for the series. The good news is that it doesn't have to ...

How much for a can of beans? Red Dead Online's virtual world grapples with real economic problems  USA TODAY

Players of critically lauded 'Red Dead Redemption 2's online offshoot are upset about the game's economy. It's not the first to raise gamers' ire.

My Brother Rabbit Review  Adventure Gamers

Bucking the usual casual trend, this beautiful, puzzle-filled scavenger hunt is a short but charming little family-friendly adventure.

Top News, December 6, 2018: Today's Biggest News Headlines  Times Now

Top News Headlines: Team India posted a dismal 250/9 on Day 1 of the first Test match against Australia, BJP's West Bengal rath yatra was stalled and movie ...

Conduct TOGETHER! Switch Review - Trains, Trials, and Triumph  SwitchWatch

If you're up for a mentally demanding, quick-thinking, tough puzzler, then look no further than the toy-train themed Conduct TOGETHER! for Nintendo Switch.

Video Game Review: “Artifact”  Variety

At first glance, Valve's new collectible card game “Artifact” looks like little more than a “Hearthstone” knock-off, which is ironic seeing as the game is set in the ...

Red Dead Online guide: Everything you need to know to succeed in Rockstar's online Wild West  GamesRadar

After giving us a month to get stuck into the massive world of Red Dead Redemption 2, Rockstar have now opened the stable doors and welcomed players into ...

Red Dead Online in-game economy fix coming soon  Windows Central

Recently, Rockstar Games announced Red Dead Online's availability to the general public. Red Dead Online is a connected online experience set against the ...

Review: Ralph Breaks the Internet  The Mancunion

Going into Ralph Breaks the Internet, I had a fairly solid idea of how I'd react to it. I enjoyed the first one enough and figured the sequel would make for an ...

A can of beans costs more than a gold ring in ‘Red Dead Online’ economy  Digital Trends

Red Dead Online opened in public beta this week and the responses have been positive. But one aspect of the online game has been causing a lot of ...

Fallout 76 review – Nobody should play this game  htxt.africa

Fallout 76 could have been an interesting experiment for Bethesda, but it feels lazy and unfinished.

'Fortnite,' Online Game Addiction, Cited Among Reasons for 200 Divorces  Augusta Review

'Fortnite,' Online Game Addiction, Cited Among Reasons for 200 Divorces Share By , Christian Post Reporter | Sep 19, 2018 2:29 PM (Photo:

Storm Boy: The Game (PS4) REVIEW - Short But (Mostly) Sweet  Cultured Vultures

A tale like Storm Boy is arguably not best delivered as a game, but if its intention was to make a wider audience aware of Colin Thiele, mission completed.

Nintendo Switch Online review: The $20 Netflix-like service for classic games disappoints  Business Insider

For $20/year, Nintendo offers access to original Nintendo Entertainment System games through Nintendo Switch Online. But is it worth the money?

Movie Review: 'Ralph Breaks the Internet' Great, Harmless Fun – Appreciate This Film  High Country Press

By Bob Garver. “Wreck-It Ralph” was one of my favorite movies of 2012. The look inside the lives of video game characters should have won the Oscar for Best ...

Burger Shop 2 Review - Cooking up a treat  DroidGamers

When trying to think of fun activities to pass the time, nobody ever opts for assembling fast food orders in a noisy industrial kitchen. And yet, somehow, behind the ...

FALLOUT 76  Cinelinx

Fallout 76 has been in the spotlight for its very controversial style of gameplay and gameplay design. Will this be the wasteland we dreamed of? Come inside ...

The best Black Friday deals on PS4, Xbox, and Nintendo  USA TODAY

If you're shopping for a deal on a gaming system like an Xbox One, Playstation 4, or Nintendo Switch, we have you covered with all the best deals.

Ex Obsidian Developer Chimes in on Fallout 76, Says It Has Great Potential  Wccftech

Former Obsidian developer David Lockwood posted a detailed thread on Reddit explaining why he enjoys and sees great potential in Fallout 76.

Warframe Out Now On Nintendo Switch -- An Impressive Port That Surprised Us  GameSpot

Warframe is officially now available on the Nintendo Switch Eshop. It's a free download, but you'll need to ensure you've got a fair amount of storage available, ...

Fallout 76 is the Lowest Rated Fallout Game in History, Fallout 4 DLCs Have Higher Scores  SegmentNext

Fallout 76 reviews are coming and it is becoming clearer that this new game is going to be the lowest rated Fallout game in the history. At the time of writing this, ...

Limiting screen time for your kid? It's harder than it looks  Samoa Observer

It is Saturday morning, and 10-year-old Henry Hailey is up at the crack of dawn. Still in PJs, his microphone-equipped headphones glowing blue in the dim ...

The Broken Promise of 'Fallout 76' (Review)  Newsweek

It is difficult to review a game like Fallout 76. Online multiplayer projects are a different beast than single-player epics. It's a living game with ongoing changes ...

Tencent turns to Southeast Asia after Beijing clampdown  Nikkei Asian Review

SINGAPORE -- Tencent Holdings has signed a deal to give Singapore-based online game publisher Sea the right to sell its game titles in Southeast Asia, as the ...

Fallout 76 review – a pointless walk in the post-apocalypse  The Guardian

Half-baked conflict ideas and witless quests to unearth the dead – this soulless sequel is perfect if you enjoy picking up rubbish in a wasteland.

Fallout 76 review: Can feel more like a task than a glorious adventure  The Independent

Fallout 76 is a lonely place. Emerging from your vault, two decades after nuclear war has devastated the Earth, your task to reclaim the ashes of what's left is an ...

'Fallout 76' Review In-Progress  Comicbook.com

Bethesda is doing things a little different this time around with their latest entry into the Fallout franchise. Though a spin-off (and a prequel), this is the first time a ...

Tencent reboots profits as growth picks up beyond games  Nikkei Asian Review

HONG KONG -- China's Tencent Holdings handed investors a much-needed profit recovery in the third quarter as revenue rose beyond online games, but the ...

Review: Animated sequel 'Ralph Breaks the Internet' but not the Disney mold  USA TODAY

Animated sequel 'Ralph Breaks the Internet' falls short of 'Wreck-It Ralph' greatness but has fun sending up the web and unleashing Disney princesses.

The best MMO games 2018: live a second life on console and PC  TechRadar

These are the best massively multiplayer online games you can play right now.

Diablo Immortal Is an Always-Online Game, Confirms Blizzard  NDTV News

The newly-announced mobile title Diablo Immortal will require players to be always online, Blizzard has confirmed.

Red Dead Online Release Date: Multiplayer leak reveals big news for PS4, Xbox online game | PS4, Xbox, Nintendo Switch News, Reviews and Features - Daily Star  Daily Star

Red Dead Redemption 2 has only just released, and players are only just starting to figure out the game's myriad features, but that doesn't mean people aren't ...

Review: Call of Cthulhu offers a methodical Lovecraftian mystery  GameCrate

Platforms: PS4 (reviewed), XBOX One, PC. The works of H.P. Lovecraft have been adapted with varying degrees of success in a number of video games over ...

Bridge - Free Online Game  National Review

Enjoy the best free online bridge game! Team up with a computer partner against opponents to test your skills in this great version of the classic card game.

Researchers can now legally restore “abandoned” online game servers  Ars Technica

Among a wide range of new DMCA exemptions recently approved by the Librarian of Congress (LoC) is a limited legal right for video game preservationists to ...

Online Game Teaches Children How to Survive Storm Surges  Interesting Engineering

A new online game is hoping to help save lives during storm surges by teaching children, aged 12 and above, how to identify the early warning signs of coastal ...

Have You Ever Cheated In An Online Game?  Kotaku UK

Cheating used to have a lot less consequences, back when accounts weren't shared across hundreds of games. The main risk you had was losing a single ...

Review: ‘Call of Duty: Black Ops 4’ excels by going all in on multiplayer  East Bay Times

The 'Call of Duty' franchise finally completes its transition to multiplayer format with 'Black Ops 4,' and it works like a charm.

It's Easy To Forget CrossCode Isn't A Real MMORPG  Kotaku

I spent five minutes trying to take the perfect screenshot for the top of this post on Radical Fish Games' CrossCode. First my party members wouldn't get into ...

39 of the Best Online Game Development Courses  IGN

From Unity to Unreal, Swift to C#, design to implementation, we've got a ton of courses for you to check out to start creating your own masterpiece.

Safety warning to Cambridgeshire parents over online game Fortnite  Cambridge News

Cambridgeshire police have issued a safety message for the parents of children who play the popular online game Fortnite. The online video game developed ...

Review: Life is Strange 2's first episode tackles current issues in America  GameCrate

Platforms: PlayStation 4 (reviewed), Xbox One, PC. At the end of 2015, Dontnod and Square Enix released the first season of Life Is Strange, a coming of age ...

Forza Horizon 4 review: "A challenging and all-encompassing online racer"  GamesRadar

Britain is an unlikely location for the Horizon Festival to grace with its presence. You can almost feel the politeness as you zoom through the beautiful ...

Red Dead Online: Devs Reveal First Details  IGN

Rockstar's dev team offers the first details about the focus and launch plan of Red Ded Redemption 2's multiplayer, Red Dead Online.

Tabletop gaming is getting a mixed-reality upgrade  Mashable

Online game developer Wargaming created this mixed-reality prototype of its game World of Tanks. It also plans to use the tech to recreate historical events with ...

Online game harassment could soon be punishable by law in South Korea  GameDaily.biz

One of the dominating countries in the areas of online gaming and esports redefines what's acceptable and not in terms of internet conduct, but what does it ...

Splatoon 2 Hacked; Nintendo's Anti-Cheat System Bypassed Just One Day Before Switch Online Becomes Paid  Spiel Times

Just a day before Switch Online could turn into a paid *service*, hackers found a way to cheat Nintendo's internal anti-cheat system and hack into Splatoon 2.

Spider-Man PS4: Where Is The Flash Video Game? | ScreenRant  Screen Rant

With Spider-Man on PS4 swinging high, here's a look at why a video game adaptation of The Flash would be DC's perfect answer to Marvel's success.

Splatoon 2 Gets Tweaked Before Becoming A Paid Online Game  Kotaku

Splatoon 2 is still kicking thanks to a community of dedicated fans. The new 4.0 update rewards that dedication with big changes to how Splatfests work and a ...

NHL 19 Reviews Praise World of Chel And Gameplay, But Presentation Needs Work  VGR.com

Now that EA Sports' new game is out, websites are giving their firsthand opinions of the features, modes, and overall gameplay. So far the NHL 19 reviews have ...

Review: Shadow of the Tomb Raider explores the highs and lows of the franchise  GameCrate

Platform: PlayStation 4 (reviewed), Xbox One, PC. In Shadow of the Tomb Raider, Lara Croft has descended to a dark place. That's probably obvious from the ...

Destiny 2: Forsaken impressions — the first six hours  Polygon

Forsaken aims to take Destiny 2 back a bit, marrying the replayability of Destiny with the gameplay updates of Destiny 2. After only a few hours, it looks like ...

Was that a reference to Magritte? Design/ Play/ Disrupt review  The Guardian

Squid fights, sex dolls and nods to modern masters … the V&A's superb video games show kicks off in the noughties, which was just when they got interesting.

Arena of Valor review: Explore the world of 5-vs-5 multiplayer online game  Economic Times

To emerge victorious, you have to destroy the opposing teams core.

Top 30 Most Popular Online Games in 2018  Twinfinite

Here are the most popular online games in 2018 that are definitely worth checking out. There's something for everyone here.

Review: The Shenmue I and II HD Remasters offer a nostalgic take, for good and ill  GameCrate

When I first booted up the Shenmue half of the recently launched Shenmue I & II HD remaster collection, I couldn't help but.

Fallout 76: Everything you need to know about the multiplayer apocalypse  CNET

War. War never changes -- at least it didn't until Bethesda decided to give its post-apocalyptic RPG a multiplayer makeover. That's right -- Fallout 76 will be here ...

Discord Targets Steam With New Online Game Store  Hot Hardware

Discord is adding a game store to its popular voice and chat *service* to take on Steam.

Backgammon - Free Online Game  National Review

Backgammon and better than ever! Easy to play but hard to master, put your skills to the test in one of history's oldest and most celebrated board games.

Review: Dead Cells is impossible to put down  GameCrate

Platforms: Nintendo Switch (reviewed), PC, Xbox One, PS4. Dead Cells is a hybrid Metroidvania and rogue-lite platformer with a visual style all its own.

‘Casual Game Insider’ Returns for Year 7  GeekDad

Casual Game Insider, a magazine focusing on casual tabletop games, is back on Kickstarter for its 7th year! I've been sent issues of the quarterly magazine to ...

7 Things Parents Need to Know About Fortnite  Tom's Guide

Is your kid addicted to Fortnite? Here are the biggest things parents need to know for kids to safely enjoy Epic's massively popular online battle royale.

What is the Doki Doki Literature Club and why have schools issued a warning to parents over the DDLC online  The Sun

Greater Manchester Police warned Doki Doki Literature Club could be dangerous for vulnerable youngsters after death of Ben Walmsley, 15.

Fortnite: schools warn parents of 'negative effects' of video game on students  The Guardian

Several Australian schools have issued advice to parents about potential for bullying or abuse.

Super Mario Party Will Feature Online Play With Friends, But Only For Minigames  Nintendo Life

Not the full boardgame - During yesterday's edition of Nintendo Treehouse: Live, it was revealed that Super Mario Party wi...

Microsoft talks State of Decay 3, envisions 'much bigger' persistent online game  Windows Central

State of Decay 2 is a magical, addictive, flawed zombie simulation game, where you are in control of a group of desperate survivors attempting to stay alive in a ...

Fortnite: Kiwi kids playing 'addictive' online game for hours each week  New Zealand Herald

A new online game taking Kiwi kids by storm has been labelled "irresponsibly addictive" and sparked fears it could encourage gambling. About 40 million ...

Fallout 76 Trailer Shows Off Vault 76, May Be an Online Game  NDTV News

Bethesda showed off a trailer for a new game in the Fallout universe called Fallout 76. Details are scant with a Fallout 76 trailer that shows off the interiors of ...

Goodbye, old friend: Online game ‘RuneScape Classic’ to shut down after 17 years  Digital Trends

RuneScape Classic, the original version of the popular MMORPG, will go offline in August. The development team cited the inability to patch the game and ...

Video: Liverpool - season review  Goal.com

Ahead of Liverpool's UEFA Champions League final with Real Madrid, we review the success of their 2017.

Flash game remake Sierra 7 is a tactical on-rails shooter in development for iOS and Android  AppSpy

Originally released as a flash game in 2011, Sierra 7 is being developed as an expanded remake for mobile, bringing an updated art style, more weapons, ...

What is PUBG Mobile and why is everyone talking about PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds?  Pocket-lint.com

The world online has exploded into battle royale madness, with the launch of a couple of huge games. One is Fortnite and the other is PlayerUnknown's ...

Modders Are Still Working On The Never-Released Halo Online Game  Kotaku

Halo Online is a free-to-play version of the popular shooter series that was only ever offered in a closed beta test in Russia in 2015. After years on ice, a mod that ...

Razer's online Game Store heads to Asia as esports heats up  CNET

The store, which first launched in the US, the UK, Germany and France, is bound for Southeast Asia via regional e-commerce platform Lazada.

Fortnite game craze is putting children at risk from online paedophiles, NCA warns  The Telegraph

Fortnite, the online game craze, is putting children at risk from online paedophiles, the National Crime Agency has warned yesterday.

Get your zSilver ready: Razer now has it’s own online game store  Digital Trends

Razer is now jumping into the digital distribution market with the launch of the Razer Game Store. The move shouldn't be surprising given the company has its ...

Richard Garriott's 'Shroud of the Avatar' Is An Ultima Game Without The 'Ultima' Name  Forbes

Shroud of the Avatar: Forsaken Virtues is a handful. After five years in development and early access, SotA was officially released on March 27th.

8 Ball Pool review: Head to the pool hall with a casual game of billiards  AndroidGuys

Looking for a decent pool hall experience on your Android device? Check out this easy and engaging game from Miniclip. Here's our review of the casual ...

Amazon is breaking into online game tournaments  TechRadar

GameOn bridges the gap between competitive gaming and the world's largest online retailer.

CANDLEMASS Returns With 'House Of Doom' Online Game, Soundtrack  BLABBERMOUTH.NET

Swedish doom metal legends CANDLEMASS are back with an online game and a brand new soundtrack called "House Of Doom". According to the game's of...

Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet Review (PS4)  GearNuke

Sword Art Online series doesn't need an introduction. It started off as an extremely popular anime that attempted to focus on a virtual reality gaming.

Review: Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet (PS4)  Push Square

Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet trades in swords, axes, and spears for assault rifles, rocket launchers, and shotguns. Gone is the fantasy setting of previous Sword ...

Researchers Develop Online Game To Inoculate Against Fake News  CleanTechnica

February 23rd, 2018 by Steve Hanley. First things first. Sure as the sun rises in the east and sets in the west, someone is going to complain that this story has ...

This is ‘Bad News’: Game teaches players to create fake news for research  Digital Trends

How do you learn to spot fake news? Create your own. That is the idea behind Bad News, an online game developed by researchers at the University of ...

This addictive online game lets you build your own fake news empire  Mashable

A group of academics and journalists have created an online game called 'Bad News', which allows you to create your own fake news empire.